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Carbon 14 dating inaccuracies

The decay of Carbon $ into stable Nitrogen $ does not take place in a regular, determined fashion: rather it is governed by the laws of probability and statistics formalized in the language of quantum mechanics.

As such, the reported half life of 30 \pm 40$ years means that $ years is the standard deviation for the process and so we expect that roughly $ percent of the time half of the Carbon $ in a given sample will decay within the time span of 30 \pm 40$ years.

Evolutionists routinely dismiss claims of radiocarbon in coal, diamonds and dinosaur bones, because they already “know” from secularism’s moyboy dogma that these substances “are” millions of years old.

If daters have to infer the “natural” C14 fraction and correct for anomalies like nuclear testing and fossil fuel burning (assuming fossil fuels contain no C14), then what other corrections are being made?

Their study could force a reappraisal of when certain events occurred, notably in the period when modern humans lived alongside Neanderthals in Europe.

It suggests that modern humans might have lived in Europe for longer than thought and that prehistoric paintings recently found in the Chauvet cave, in southern France, might be 38,000-years-old rather than the estimated 33,000 years.

(This is one of several ways they have to escape falsification.) If coal and these other substances do contain radiocarbon, though, burning them into the atmosphere should not affect radiocarbon dates (at least to the degree they are concerned about).

The article does, however, point out some of the assumptions that go into any dating method.

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The half-life of Carbon $14$, that is, the time required for half of the Carbon $14$ in a sample to decay, is variable: not every Carbon $14$ specimen has exactly the same half life.

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