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Dating british guys vs american guys

That story is pulled, with a few tweaks, from a 2009 anonymous blog post on the, written by someone who claims to be the daughter of Cunanan's next-door-neighbor.

"After a spaghetti dinner, the two women were chatting over coffee at the kitchen table when my mom heard the freezer door pop open," wrote the blogger.

At one point, he shouts at her, throwing her sketches on the table. According to Deborah Ball's 2010 book In the episode, Gianni suggests that he will die from the HIV virus before long, and he tells his sister that he is grooming her to take over the label.

She cries, insisting she tries to give him what he wants. (Another murky fact-vs-fiction point of contention addressed in episode two.) But since the actual cause of Gianni's illness is unknown, there is no way to prove this.

Andrew had hurled a block of Thrifty-brand ice cream across the room, leaving a dent. The real bartender of Flicks—the gay San Diego bar featured in episode five, where Cunanan meets Jeff Trail—recalled to the that Cunanan would often complain about his inability to pick up men because of his appearance."Ascent" opens on a 1992 scene in Milan, Italy, where the Versace siblings are building their empire.Gianni becomes angry when he realizes Donatella is not asserting herself as a designer, and he urges her to speak up more.It is true that after Aston's death, Cunanan convinced Blachford to move from Phoenix to La Jolla, California, where he would design him a home.It is not clear whether Blachford and Aston were as close as viewers how Cunanan met his second victim, David Madson.

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In the episode, the store's owner alludes to Cunanan's father abandoning his family—more details on that in next week's episode.

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