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Your memory may have lapses that weren’t there before. You may feel as though you’re processing information more slowly.Sometimes when driving or taking public transportation to a familiar place, you may forget how to get there.Symptoms are often cyclical, waxing and waning every few weeks (12).Tiredness, exhaustion, and lack of energy are the most frequent symptoms.You might at first attribute this to stress or age, but the decline in capabilities may worry you.Here are some statistics: Bright indoor light may feel uncomfortable or even blinding.Thirty percent or more of people with Lyme disease don’t remember having the rash (9). The initial red rash usually appears at the site of the bite within 3 to 30 days (11).Similar but smaller rashes can appear three to five weeks later, as the bacteria spread through tissues (12). The rash can also take other forms, including a raised rash or blisters (14).

Sometimes Lyme-related fatigue is misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or depression (8). Joint pain and stiffness, often intermittent, are early Lyme symptoms. People often attribute joint problems to age, genetics, or sports.Light sensitivity is bad enough for some people to need sunglasses indoors, in addition to wearing sunglasses outdoors in normal light.Light sensitivity was found in 16 percent of adults with early Lyme (15).As of 2016, they were found in about half the counties in 43 of 50 states in the United States (3).Lyme is the fifth most reported of notifiable diseases in the United States, with an estimated 329,000 new cases found annually (4).

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Your joints may be inflamed, warm to the touch, painful, and swollen. Lyme should be added to that list, as these statistics indicate: Other common flu-like symptoms are headaches, dizziness, fever, muscle pain, and malaise.

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