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Tuesday night, I told Lisa that my parents wanted to take the kids out to dinner and a show Wednesday; so they probably wouldn't be home until after that night.

The kids were even more excited when I told them that I had a surprise for their mom and that they'd really be spending the night with grandma and grandpa; my parents always spoiled them rotten.

The girls had given me an entire checklist of everything to do, all the way down to lighting and mood music.

At sharp, I heard her car pull up; I was more than ready.So being the hopeless romantic I am, I decided to give her an evening she'd never forget.Monday morning at work, I pulled out the big guns, Cathy, Sheryl and Karen; three of the hottest single women at work.It's not like I didn't love her, she and the kids were still the most important things in my life.However, that little spark, she use to have in her eye, when I mentioned lovemaking seemed to be missing lately.

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The first thing I did, was to get Wednesday afternoon off so I could have everything in place before she got home.

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