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She then revealed that they later had another 'serious blow-up' not caught on camera, saying: 'Todd was doing that middle-of-the-night poke.'I work a lot, so I was very tired, and I just totally was not in the mood and I left.'But she made it clear it was probably not tiredness that killed her mood, admitting: 'All this idle time with Todd not looking for a job — I don't find it cute at all.I find it a little irresponsible.'Todd continued to smile about it all — teasing her that she needed to make time for them to have intimate moments together — which only made her angrier.'This is a deal breaker Todd,' she told him sternly.'I don't want to be here in a relationship that's a joke.I can see how beautiful he thinks it is for him to have left his job for me.'But I just feel like Todd doesn't take things serious.It's kinda eye opening.'Later, she was shown taking bed rest after her headline-grabbing black out at a nail salon, with her admitting: 'This fainting issue is very scary — it's happened five times in my past.'I've been diagnosed with a condition where not enough blood flow is going to the brain.'Todd rushed to be with her, bringing her two tubs of ice cream, but she noticeably turned her cheek to his kisses — and then blamed him for her health woes.'Guess what the doctor said — that this was based on stress,' she told him sternly.Todd sat down with Porsha and admitted that he had been confronted by his bosses about 'tension that I brought to the company' with their sexy images.'I work for a conservative individual - he's probably a Trump supporter,' he told her, without the show elaborating on who the boss in Washington D. was.'They asked me, I had to make a decision — would I continue this relationship or …I chose you,' he smiled, revealing he quit rather than split with her.

And I didn't appreciate her bringing me into it,' Sheree said.

The 45-year-old former Miss USA lashed out after Sheree told Kenya 'you provoke people'.

Sheree was referencing Kenya goading Porsha Williams over lunch about her anger management classes and her ex-boyfriend Matt's recent vandalism of her home.

Kenya insisted she was justified in asking Porsha if she was on medication or if she received a certificate.'I'm not trying to be shady asking Porsha about her anger management,' she insisted later.'I've been around Matt who flies off the handle.

But the difference is he has never physically harmed me — which is more than what I can say about Porsha Ali.'Porsha eventually stormed out of the lunch, with Kenya following her — and Phaedra and Shereé following them, too.

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Like, I was actually purchasing a house for me and my child.'You tell me you love me — but your uncertainty is as scary as hell.

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